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VPA annex on FLEGT licences

The annex on FLEGT licences varies little among Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs). The annex explains:

Conditions for issuing licences. The annex on FLEGT licences explains how companies in a VPA partner country will apply for FLEGT licences to accompany shipments of legal timber and timber products destined for the EU. The annex explains how an applicant's request will be assessed and which authority will issue FLEGT licences.

Technical specification of FLEGT licences. The annex explains technical aspects of FLEGT licences, such as whether licences are issued as paper or electronic documents, when licences become valid and for how long, and the language of the licence text.

How to deal with doubts about the validity of a licence. The annex on FLEGT licences clarifies what authorities in the EU and VPA partner country will do if FLEGT licences are lost, stolen, damaged or forged.

What FLEGT licences should look like. The EU requires VPA partner countries to use a common format for FLEGT licences so that competent authorities in EU member states can readily check licences for the information required. The VPA annex on FLEGT licences, therefore, includes a template for licences. Some countries are exploring e-licensing instead of paper licences.