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National negotiating structures in Cameroon


Steering committee

The steering committee's role was develop negotiating positions and draft VPA annexes, in consultation with stakeholders. The committee's members included:

Government: Representatives of the Ministry of Forests, the Presidency; Prime Minister's Office; Ministry of Trade; Ministry of External Relations; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Economy, Planning and Management of the Territory; Ministry of Finance (Customs and Taxation Department)

Private sector: Representatives of the Cameroon Wood Supply Group; National Association of Young Timber Loggers and Wood Processors; Professional Syndicate of Industrial Processors and Exporters of Special Forests Products; General Surveillance Society

Civil society: One seat for the EC Forest Platform Cameroon, and one seat open to a civil society representative with experience of the topic under discussion

Parliament: Two parliamentarians joined in 2008, the year after negotiations began

Negotiation committee

The negotiation committee's role was to negotiate a VPA with the EU. It had the same membership as the steering committee but with the addition of the Minister of Forests.


Stakeholder structures included four private sector groups and a civil society platform.